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Thanks for your survey participation...

...and here are the results.

This survey began on Feb. 26, 2006 and ran until July 11, 2008 for a period of 28 months. The survey was located on the path used by visitors intending to download demo software. Here are the questions that were asked:

Please check all types of gear cutting you do:
   Spur Bevel
   Spiral Bevel
   Hypoid Spiral Bevel

Is your gear manufacturing primarily USA based?

Out of 1767 visitors viewing the survey questions, there were 995 people who took the time to answer the questions.

Of the 995 respondents, 390 are located in the USA.

395 gear shops claim other countries for their location, while 210 shops failed to list their location at all.

Since the survey was anonymous, there is no way to determine how many duplications might have been entered.

Of the five types of gear manufacturing surveyed, here is how the numbers look:
CategoryShops with
Number (%)
Domestic USA
Number (%)
Other Countries
Number (%)
Not Stated
Number (%)
Gear Hobbing: 555    (56%) 275    (49%) 258    (46%) 22    (5%)
Gear Shaping: 381    (38%) 192    (50%) 173    (45%) 16    (4%)
Spur Bevel Gear: 329    (33%) 146    (44%) 173    (52%) 10    (3%)
Spiral Bevel Gear: 276    (27%) 115    (42%) 149    (54%) 12    (4%)
Hypoid Spiral Bevel Gear: 186    (19%) 72    (39%) 107    (57%) 7    (4%)

For instance, out of 995 responders, 555 shops have gear hobbing capability, which is 56% of all shops, domestic and foreign (or 555/995).

As another example, there are 329 shops reporting spur bevel capability. 44% of these are USA based companies. 52% of these are in other countries.

I make no claims as to the accuracy of these results, nor do I attach any particular significance. These survey results are for you to view, interpret, or ignore as you please.

I hope this information is of some use to the gearing community, and would like to express our collective appreciation for all those who participated. As always, I welcome any comments, especially for the next survey. Any suggestions? Just send them to