Sample Spiral Summary for Gleason® No. 116 Spiral Bevel Generator

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This page displays a typical Spiral UNITOOL data sheet of Dimensions and
machine settings for No. 116 Spiral Bevel Gear Generator. No Pinion Offset, both members generated.

 SPIRAL GENERATED GEAR & PINION  Bevel Data Set No. 63115280 Date: 06/28/09
 Comb.  20 X  40  DP:  5.00000    UNITOOL         Spiral Angle:  35D  0M
 Face Width:  1.438              SGU Method       Shaft Angle:  90
 Pressure Angle:   20D  0M    Machine No. 116     Cone Distance 4.472
  Pitch Diameter      4.000     8.000     Hand of Spiral  Left     Right
  Pitch Angle       26D 34M    63D 26M    Cutting Method  Two Cut  Two Cut

  Addendum           0.229     0.110      Roughing Cutter Point Width
  Dedendum           0.149     0.266      Leaves .020 stk 0.039    0.064

  Dedendum Angle     1D 54M     3D 25M    Finishing Cutter ID      Diameter
                                                       UCP-55       9.000
  Face Angle        29D 59M    65D 20M
                                         PINION & GEAR DIMENSIONS
  Root Angle        24D 40M    60D  1M    Circular Pitch  0.6283

  Outside Dia        4.410      8.098     Working Depth  0.339
  P Apex to Crn      3.898      1.902     Whole Depth    0.378

 Normal Chordal:                          Clearance  0.0386
     Addendum       0.232      0.110      Backlash  Min    Max
     Thickness      0.379      0.249               0.006  0.008

 ------ GEAR SETTINGS ---------     ------ PINION FINISHING SETTINGS ------
                                                           O.B.      I.B.
  Cutter Number        UCP-55       Cutter Number             UCP-55
  Cutter Diameter      9.000        Cutter Diameter           9.000

  Cradle Angle         351D 24M     Cradle Angle       136D  8M    136D  8M
  Eccentric Angle       52D 28M     Eccentric Angle     52D 29M     52D 27M
  Swivel Angle         209D 23M     Swivel Angle        89D 18M     89D 19M
  Spindle Rot. Angle     9D  9M     Spindle Rot. Angle   9D  9M      9D  9M
  Sliding Base     Adv  0.1037      Sliding Base       Adv 0.103   Adv 0.103
  Machine Root Angle    62D 40M     Mach. Root Angle           27D 20M

  Machine Center to Back - _________________________________________________

  Blank Offset           0          Blank Offset           0          0

  Set-Over            31 Away       Set-Over                 36 Away

  Index Gears       45/75X75/80     Index Gears            72/80X75/60

  Nc/50 Ratio Gears 61/62x70/77     Nc/50 Ratio Gears      61/62x70/77

  Cradle Test Roll      30D  0M     Cradle Test Roll      20D  0M   20D  0M
  Work Test Roll        44D 43M     Work Test Roll              33D 32M

DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to generate a complete and correct
machine setup. However, neither Community PC nor its representatives
guarantee fitness of this setup for any purpose to which the setup may be
applied. Further, neither Community PC nor its representatives assume
liability, either in part or in whole, for any losses suffered by user or
user's agent that may result either from application of this setup or from
use of any information contained herein.