Sample Setup created by CPC-TMILL (Metric System)

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                CPC-TMILL Milling Machine Setup


       Cutter & Thread Specifications - Metric Dimensions


       Machine:             Machine Formula:

          TMILL #6             LEAD = 1.000000 X LEAD                 


       Cutter Description:

         5.0352  Minimum Tool Width (mm)

         1.1869  Point Width (mm)


       Thread Specification System:

         Normal Diametral Pitch (2.25/DP System)     


       Thread Description:

              2 Entry                      50.8000  Major Dia. (mm)

         4.7625 Whole Depth (mm)             2.1167 Addendum (mm)

         3.3249 Pitch line                  46.5667 Pitch Dia. (mm)

                Thickness (mm)              41.2750 Minor Dia. (mm)


       Axial Dimensions:                   Normal     Axial

        13.354708 Lead (mm)                12.0000             DP

        6.6773541 Pitch (mm)                2.117              Module

        3.80390   Threads Per Inch (TPI)   22.000     22.083   PA


       Cutter Head Setting:

         5.2159 Helix angle (Decimal Degrees)

         5 Degrees 13 Minutes



       Change Gear Set        Aux. Gear Set

        Driver x Driver            Driver

        ---------------             ----

        Driven x Driven            Driven



          33 x  121                   

        ----------------            ----

          71 x  107                   


       Distance between Change Gear Fixed shafts: 153.000 MM


       Change Gear Equivalent Module:      1.740


       Over Pin Measurements:

             Pin Size (mm)         Backlash Allowance   Measurement (mm)

               3.5868                Minimum   0.000      MIN.   51.4981

                                     Maximum   0.000      MAX. 51.4981




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