Sample Summary for Gleason® No. 2A (102) Straight Bevel Generator

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 SPUR BEVEL GEAR SET   13 X  13 T    DP   64        PA    20   Date: 07/04/05
 Machine Location    Index 1.5  Type No 1    Set ID 74297323   Cust ID test

   Pressure Angle    20D  0M              Working Depth      0.0313
   Shaft Angle      166D  0M              Whole Depth        0.0342
   Diametral Pitch   64.0000              Cone Distance      0.1023
   Face Width         0.0341              System        AGMA 208.02

                     Pinion     Gear                      Pinion      Gear
   Teeth                13        13    P Apex To Crown   -.003      -.003
   Addendum          0.016     0.016    Pitch Angle       83D  0M    83D  0M
   Dedendum          0.019     0.019    Face Angle        93D 17M    93D 17M
   Pitch Diameter    0.2031    0.2031   Root Angle        72D 43M    72D 43M
   Outside Diameter  0.207     0.207    Tooth Angle       10D 39M    10D 39M
   Circular Thick.   0.0245    0.0245   Dedendum Angle    10D 17M    10D 17M
   Backlash  (Min)       0.001        Chordal Thick.(Max)  0.0240     0.0240
             (Max)       0.003                      (Min)  0.0230     0.0230
   Minimum PA (To avoid undercut)   13D 22M

 CUTTER SPECS:     Pinion         Gear
   Slot Widths:
      Large End     0.010         0.010
      Small End     0.007         0.007
   Limit Point W.   0.007         0.007
   Cutter Spec.

 MACHINE SETTINGS:            Pinion            Gear
   Generating Cam No.        G2H-185-10       G2H-185-10
   Cutter PA:                 20D  0M          20D  0M
   Space Angle                 2D 49M           2D 49M
   Swing Angle               350D 24M         350D 24M
   Cutter Offset: Upper          0                0
                  Lower          0                0
   Machine Root Angle         82D 17M          82D 17M
   Cradle Test Roll            9D 56M           9D 56M  For 10 Deg Work Roll
   Work Test Roll             10D  4M          10D  4M  For 10 Deg Cradle Roll
   Cradle Angle          CCW  25D  0M     CCW  25D  0M
   Index Interval              3                3

                             30 x  36         30 x  36
   Index Gears             -----------      -----------
                             39 x  80         39 x  80

   Feed Cam No.              G2H-165-1        G2H-165-1
   Helical Motion Cam No.    G2H-765-2A       G2H-765-2A
   Helical Motion Angle          0 Deg            0 Deg
   Cutter Cone Distance      1.598            1.598
   Sliding Base              .9403            .9403
   Linkage Setting           INC 0.173        INC 0.173

 DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to generate a complete and correct
 machine setup. However, Community PC does not guarantee fitness of this setup
 for any purpose to which the setup may be applied. Further, Community PC does
 not assume liability, either in part or in whole, for any losses suffered by
 user or user's agent that may result from application of this setup or from
 any information contained herein.